Deezer Vs Spotify – Find the Best One For You

Deezer Vs Spotify: Music makes you happy and feeling relaxed when you listen to your favorite songs. Music lovers always search for the music streaming app for their devices. All of you had tried the two apps called Deezer and Spotify right? Now everyone has a doubt which one is the best among two? What are the main differences between the two music applications?. Here are the best answers to all your questions. After reading the article, you can decide which suits you.

Deezer Vs Spotify

At first, we will start discussing what Deezer and its features is. And then go to the Spotify and its advantages and disadvantages. Finally, end up with the main difference between them. Usually, both apps have the similar features and benefits. Let’s see the Deezer Vs Spotify!!!

Deezer Vs Spotify


When you ask someone to suggest the music streaming app, million number of people will recommend you the Spotify app. Spotify is the best application provides a wide range of advantages. You can also have the option to search videos.

Advantages of Spotify Music Application

  • You can get instant music with Spotify.
  • Also, you can create your playlists.
  • Share your favorite tracks with your friends.
  • Get your deleted songs also
  • Improves the sound quality.
  • Also, Discover weekly playlist.
  • And many more.

Deezer Vs SpotifyDeezer

The new app called Deezer is ranked as 3rd in world’s best music streamers. Deezer is attracting the youth with its free features. It also has a premium version with more advantages.

Features of Deezer Music App

  • With its Premium version, you can enjoy the music without adds.
  •  You can get the lyrics of all the songs.
  • More than 40 millions of music tracks.
  • Good soundtrack.
  • And you can create your playlists.
  • Quickly find your best songs.
  • Able to skip as many as radio tracks.
  • Have to create your new account via FB.

Difference Between Deezer and Spotify

Deezer Vs Spotify

Here you can find the significant difference between these two music apps. Now you can quickly check out the best app for music.

  • Number of Songs

When it comes to the available free songs, Deezer has beaten Spotify. On a free version of Deezer has 35Millions of songs as per the user reviews. And Spotify has 30 Million songs.

  • Premium Subscription Differences

If we talk about Premium subscriptions, Spotify offers you to pay $9.99 per month, and no adds. And Deezer Premium service also provides ad-free music to the users at the cost of $7.99 per month.

  • Mobile Features

Now Deezer gives each free feature as what it provides to the computer. Where Spotify don’t has such services like rewind, like/dislike, fast forward, and skips. For this reason, people opt for Deezer to use on the mobile phone with their comfort.

  • OS Differences

Mostly whatever the mobile you are using, you want to enjoy the music. When it comes to Spotify, it does not support for BlackBerry and windows phone users. This was the main drawback of Spotify. And the Deezer supports all the platforms Android, iPhone, iOS, and windows phones.

Conclusion: These are the significant difference between the Spotify and Deezer music application. Choose the best music stream app for your devices. So, If you found it is helpful, please share with your friends.

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